GT Engineering completes Instrument & Electrical Design projects across most industries, with a focus on Oil & Gas Plants, Shipping Terminals, and Pump & Compressor Stations. Below is a summary of a few of our most recently completed projects.
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    • Salt Water Disposal Well 6 is a 120,000 BPH brine injection system used to remove brackish water obtained during the boring process of a new salt dome well. The electrical system is fed from a mile long 12.47 kV overhead poleline tapped off to a 12.47 kV-4.16 kV step down transformer. On the transformer secondary side, two 4.16 kV reduced voltage solid-state soft starters provide a ramped starting characteristic to two 600 HP brine injection pumps.
      Pump controls are executed through a local PLC, and maintained remotely via radio communications.
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    • SG158 was engineered to replace legacy equipment that no longer met the electrical requirements of the client. GT Engineering designed, installed, and commissioned a new lineup of 15 kV distribution switchgear as well as planned and executed refeeding the existing loads in the plant.
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